Saturday, August 16, 2008

Print available

"Phantom Tulips" print
A friend of mine convinced me to get this painting scanned and offer it as a fine art print.
A 14 x 11 inch size (open edition and signed) is $70. If you are interested, just contact me. (If you would like it larger or smaller I can do that too.)
I just got back from northern Michigan....We had a family vacation there. Our youngest (21) is here for a week (from LA) and our oldest (24) was here from Cleveland. After an initial adjustment to being back together...(all brothers fight, right?) we had a wonderful time. Lots of golf, and wandering around Traverse City.
Next week will be back to normal...whatever that is. One thing for sure...a big studio clean up is in order....yuck.


Peggy Stermer-Cox said...

Hi Lauren!

I like your design. It's neat how you show a familiar subject in a different way; wonderful!

Lauren said...

Thanks Peggy!

This painting was the result of a ton of blunders.. :) It started out as pure watercolor...I did it as a wip at wet canvas...I really like where it ended up but oh my gosh...what a journey it was! :)

It will feel good to get back to work today after a long vacation from painting.


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