Thursday, January 15, 2009


"Sunflower" (what a catchy title, eh?) 10 x 8 ~Watercolor class sample

I'll be teaching this class @ JoAnn's in February. I used a photograph from WetCanvas (taken by ottwork), in their copywrite free reference image library. (It's worth joining for the library, let alone the inspiration from all the great artists that post there)

What I learned today.... -10 degrees F is way too cold to go out walking in. (duh) Thank god for heaty thingy's for my mittens...or the 20 minutes I walked would have been even worse!


Debra said...

Oh, I love LOVE sunflowers! Just what I needed to see on this very cold Ohio day, although not quite as cold as you are. Your sunflower looks like it is basking in 75 or 80 degree weather, and that sounds just about perfect right now!

Yes, I think -10 degrees is a little nippy to go walking. I laughed at your terminology, "heaty thingy's", although I know exactly what you meant.

Lauren said...

Thanks Debra... That yellow and blue seem to vibrate... fun to do when it's this FREEZING COLD! Won't be walking outside today... I guess you can teach and old dog new tricks! :)


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