Monday, February 2, 2009

"Stay the Course" Work in Progress

"Stay the Course" Work in Progress
8 x 6
acrylic on collage paper

Working on more compositions in my "High Road" series in this smaller format, then if they work out...I'll paint them again larger. This one isn't finished...but I like some of the things that are happening.

Some of the titles I worked on today are:
"Cross Purposes"
"Circles of Influence"
"Divided We Fall"
"Lucille Was Finding it Hard to Be Taken Seriously While Wearing a Float Tube"

Stay tuned! :)


Kimberly Kelly Santini said...

I love this piece! My vote for title is "Lucille..."!! nice piece, Lauren! Do you have anything in the Starkweather show that opens Fri?

Lauren said...

Thanks Kim...

LOL... Lucille is a different painting :) .. but I like that idea.. naming non-representational paintings with odd titles like that. hmmmmm. I could have a good time with that!

No, nothing at Starkweather... I let the entry get lost in my many piles of paper, (without putting it on the calendar first)
and found it after the deadline. Duh.

Peggy Stermer-Cox said...

Cool collage Lauren! It reminds me of an aerial view of a landscape, or not. Could be all sorts of things, or nothing in particular. I like how under layers are partially revealed and partly covered.

Lauren said...

Thanks Peggy... Interesting take... I'm always attracted to aerial views. hmmmmmm. (hear the squeaky wheels turning?)


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