Thursday, June 25, 2009

Watercolor...It's Been A Long Time....

"Jonnine's Peonies"
11 x 11

Well....Talk about rusty with the watercolor skills! It still felt good (though frustrating) to have my brushes wet. I'm up in Northern Michigan, helping out my Mom after a stroke.... away from my studio and supplies. I brought watercolor stuff, so that's what I'll be working with until my next trip home. I am not a fan of all the hard edges in this one... but I'm giving myself a break and calling it done... It has a bit of a wallpaper vibe going on that I don't hate.

Part of my morning ritual since I've been up here, has been to take the dog and a large mug of coffee and get the paper for my mom and two of her neighbors. They all have long driveways to the paper box, so it's a nice 10 minute morning walk. Yesterday, one of the neighbors left me a bunch of peonies on their porch... That unexpected surprise really made my day, and filled the room with delicious Peony scent. They were sitting still, so they got painted. :)


Patty said...

You haven't lost your touch at all, it's beautiful!

Ann said...

Just been ther with the stroke issue... Hopefully it's not too bad since she's home. Patience & lots of exercise.

Lauren said...

Thanks Patty.... I'm not sure what paper this is... but is was like a blotter... a #300 lb. blotter. Tough surface to start back on!

Thanks Ann... My mom was just diagnosed with leukemia, and suffered a stroke as a complication. Her right side and speech were affected. She's making progress, but it's a slow process. She and her husband were golfing in Florida in March. It's been quite something to get used to... but we are hanging in there and celebrating the little victories.

Debra said...

It's good to see you are painting again! I love peonies, this is great! It is almost like you are showing the different stages of life though the peonies, the emerging bud and then on through the fully blossomed flower. The variety makes for a great composition, really like the resulting negative space also.

I'm glad to hear your mom is home now. Your morning walk photo was so pretty, thanks for sharing it! Is that a dirt road?

Lauren said...

Hi Debra!
I love your comment about the different stages of the bloom... I hadn't noticed that I did that! "Velly Interestink!" LOL

The walk is on a dirt road... a bit more than a two-track... but not much. At one point it goes near enough to the campground that you can smell breakfast cooking and campfire... heavenly.


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