Friday, July 10, 2009

Stop Pulling the Rungs Out From Under Me.....

"Stop Pulling the Rungs Out From Under Me"
11 x 11
Watercolor on Paper

I started this one earlier in the week... and it sat unresolved for a few days while I worked on the "Rocks and Hard Places" paintings... It has a serious theme...but painted in a light-hearted way. Which seems to be the way I cope with "stuff". As sad as my mom's condition is...(leukemia and she suffered a stroke) we manage to belly laugh more often than normal... Granted, the humor tends to be a bit dark.... but it's humor nonetheless... I'm very lucky to be wired that way.

Hope you enjoy your weekend... I'm going to the opening of the Artcenter Traverse City's member show tonight.... Really looking forward to it!


JustJo said...

Well, you know I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE this one .... I love anything red, and this is the best one yet.

Debra said...

I really like all the shades of red in this one! and the composition also.

That's great that you and your mom can still see the humor in daily life. Laughing is therapeutic and can actually help healing.

How was the art show?

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren, I like your watercolor abstracts. I'm catching up. I like your rocks and definitely like this one! Very cool and well done.


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