Monday, August 10, 2009

Measured Progress....

"Measured Progress"
12 x 12
Acrylic on Acrylic paper
$230 (unframed)

This one is really different... Sort of spiritual. The design might make an interesting quilt... I might just try it again in fabric.... (in my spare time.... LOL)

Happy Birthday Donny!


Patrice Erickson said...


Debra said...

Hi Lauren,

I really like this one, great colors and design, very dynamic! I think this would look great in a much larger size also! (be pretty tough to do as a quilt tho, with all of those circles!)

Also, your Celebrating Achievement is impressive, it almost has a "Phoenix rising from the Ashes" feel about it.

sue schultz said...

can see native Am. that red...can almost see Indian artist mashing it in a bowl....perfect whites!
May be one my favorites

Lauren said...

:) Patrice... thanks

Debra...Thanks... I might (someday) try it in fabric... not with traditional quilting techniques tho. :) I think we all need to celebrate our matter how large or small... We don't do enough of that methinks. :)

Sue...who knows where this stuff comes from... I certainly have no idea... We just need to put brush to paper and see where it leads us. It ALWAYS surprises the heck outta me when I finish something like this...Thanks so much for the generous comments my friend!!


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