Monday, March 1, 2010

Up Periscope...

The one daffodil is stretching... What an over achiever.
I keep humming "Where is tall man, where is tall man... And he's yelling... "here I I am!" The others have since caught up to him, but it took them a few days.

We have our house up for sale again. We've had a lot of traffic... so between getting it ready to show... and then all the showings (4 in 5 days) I haven't really been able to paint. I'm thinking watercolor will be a bit easier to stay neat with. I tend to really splash about with acrylic.


Debra said...


Hope your house sells soon...I imagine that isn't too much fun, having to keep your house ready for "guests" all of the time.

I had to smile at your song, "where is tall man, where is tall man"...:D

I like your photo...Spring staring out at Winter...I am SO ready for Spring, and I think everyone else is also.

Lauren said...

Hi Debra!
At least it's been sunny here... And spring is in the air... I can smell it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren, Good luck with the house showing. Funny, we took our house off the market. When our house was on the market, I stuck to watercolor because it's easier to keep neat.

Lauren said...

Isn't having your home for sale the pitts!?! Especially when we have to have it listed for such a low price... Hard to keep smiling and polishing knowing that you'll be losing $. Sigh... :)


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