Monday, April 19, 2010

I would scare me.

At the end of Peterson Rd. in Sleeping Bear Dune National Lake Shore Park.

I've written often about my almost daily walks...When I'm up here in Honor, MI, I hardly ever see another person. Yesterday, as I was walking back to the house... a car passed me...and I suddenly became aware of what I looked like....

  • broken reading glasses (blue) with one lens out... perched on top of my not combed head
  • too small sunglasses on my face
  • paint covered too short black pants...snug in the WRONG places
  • one blue and one black sock (don't ask)
  • my shoes are actually pretty cool...but not cool enough to trump the odd socks.
  • paint covered bright golden yellow Iowa t-shirt
  • ipod in pants pocket
  • cell phone in pants pocket
  • kleenex in pants pocket
  • small camera in pants pocket
  • pen and small notebook in pants pocket
  • all that "in the pocket" activity did not make for a smooth silhouette
  • my husband's coat...(the coats I have up here are too heavy or too light)

"What not to Wear" would think it was a set-up. Understandably, I don't want to show a picture of this....And I probably won't change my work wardrobe any time too soon... but I've read that awareness is the first step toward change. :)


Kimberly Santini said...

HAH! you were preoccupied with something else far more important, woman! :)

sarnia sue said...

I thought all eccentric types (meaning artists) looked like that .... heeheehee

seems to me the 3 of us looked like that pretty much the whole time last year!

sarah meredith said...

I really like your Canary Islands painting!

Lauren said...

Kim... you know it... preoccupied is my middle name.

Sue...too true.

Sara... thanks so much! Appreciate you stopping by. :)

Patty said...

I'm sure the people in the car thought, "Oh, look at her, she must be an ARTIST"! And were impressed.


Lauren said...

Patty... No doubt. LOL

Nick said...

thanks for the warning

Debra said...

Haha, your description made me laugh, but yes they prob just thought you were an artist...maybe next time just carry a brush in your hand. :D

Lauren said...

Nick... be very afraid

Debra... the brush would probably end up in my pants pocket too. :)


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