Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Gouache Ink Resist...the Cherry Bowl Drive - In

CHERRY BOWL work in progress 7x5" gouache ink resist 2011 Lauren Everett Finn
We have a very cool drive-in theater here in Honor, called the Cherry Bowl....I've begun this one a bit differently than my normal gouache ink resist process. Color coming next.... stay tuned! (I'll be teaching this process at Crystal Lake Art Center on Nov. 7th if you're interested.)


cathyswatercolors said...

Hi, i just looked at your posts. Can't wait for the color on this post. Wish i was out of school at that time:( I am going to look for the wine next time i am in a2 and the fairy hammocks will inspire a painting in the future if they haven't already!

Lauren said...

Hi Cathy... one of these days we'll meet! :) thanks for your kind comments!


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