Thursday, September 29, 2011


"Moondance" 28x22" Acrylic on Canvas (c)2011 LEF

I started this one a couple of years ago and then it just sat there. I liked the idea, but needed the moon to be actually round... which it wasn't...(and that isn't as easy to paint as it sounds.) So, I started back at it last week and finished it up. I'm patting myself on the back for persevering.

The milkweed leaves look like they have "jazz hands"...which makes me laugh but support the title.
"Moondance" will be part of Glen Arbor Art Association's show next weekend (October 7 through the 9th) They are participating in Leelanau's "Fall for Art" event. Moondance is very excited to show itself after such a long wait in the wings. 


Ghislaine BRUNO said...

I like this luminosity associated to the moon... Unusual and facinating.

Lauren said...

Thanks Ghislaine... I appreciate it.

toniclark said...

Another favorite. I can't stop looking at this one. Gorgeous.

Lauren said...

Thanks Toni! There really wasn't a reference photo for this one... just a remembered pinkish moon rising over a swampy area near where we live. It was so gorgeous, I had to pull the car over and just soak it in for a few minutes. :) I'm glad you like it!


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