Friday, December 21, 2012

Modigliani's Mom After Her Thursday Wash and Set

#17 "Modigliani's Mom After Her Thursday Wash and Set"
7x5 acrylic
Hehehe... And she's not too thrilled with the new girl... there's a dent on her right side. My husbands mom was a lovely lady... A very dedicated elementary school teacher. Each Thursday after school, she would go for her wash and set... and make that "do" last until the next Thursday. Amazing.


Greta said...

Love the "wash and set." A thing of the past, but so perfect here. And gives me a new way of making a nose, clearly the hardest part.

Lauren Everett Finn said...

Thanks Greta...Easy peasy nose... check out Modigliani to see more options!

Patty Henderson said...

My mother in law's hair day is Thursday as well...and it will never change!
Love this!

Lauren Everett Finn said...

Thanks Patty!
I think a lot of ladies of a certain age still love a wash and set... think of all the time saved... seriously! LOL


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