Saturday, December 22, 2012

Friday, December 21, 2012

Major and Why I Love Him

#14  "Major" 7x5 ink
I like this idea, but it misses the mark a bit.... stay tuned for more in this vein...

Bursting Bouquet

#16 "Bursting Bouquet" 7x5 acrylic
Of course I posted these out of order... I am consistently, inconsistent. :-) The vase is tipping, but it's because these blooms just can't be contained.

Modigliani's Mom After Her Thursday Wash and Set

#17 "Modigliani's Mom After Her Thursday Wash and Set"
7x5 acrylic
Hehehe... And she's not too thrilled with the new girl... there's a dent on her right side. My husbands mom was a lovely lady... A very dedicated elementary school teacher. Each Thursday after school, she would go for her wash and set... and make that "do" last until the next Thursday. Amazing.

Snow Day

#15 Snow Day 7x5 watercolor and acrylic
Well.... we got a tiny bit of snow last night... not near enough for my tastes but it's nice to see the white. This started it's life as a gesso primed piece of watercolor paper... then I painted the blue in watercolor, and lifted out the snow flakes and softened some of his edges. (If only it were that easy with some people I know... ;-) )

Thursday, December 20, 2012


#13 Compliments 7x5 watercolor and acrylic
My first inclination was to paint the background black... but the dark brownish red seems to work pretty well. Those funky edges in the tulips?  Achieved by letting the paint dry for a while then washing it off in the sink. Cool, eh? (Thanks Nick Simmons for explaining your technique)

Blue Matter

#12 Blue Matter 7x5 watercolor and gouache
This was completed last week... but I didn't get it posted until right now. A study in transparent vs. opaque. I can't decide if the transparent passages come forward (because of size) or recede (because of transparency).

I'm finding that the painting part of my challenge is coming along just fine, but the photographing, and posting is nagging at me. :)

In case you are just tuning in... I'm challenging myself to paint or draw (any medium) six 5x7's a week. I created a Facebook group of like minded folk... If you want to challenge yourself to do something, and need a bit of accountability... come and join us! Here's a link.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Fill in the Blanks and One Slice Gone,

#5 "Fill In the Blanks"

#6 "One Slice Gone"
On with the year long challenge I've started... These were finished on time, but not photographed and posted. You just have to trust me on that. :) Week one is never very hard... it's weeks 25, 37, 41, etc. that can be a bit more difficult.I'm kind of chuckling at my choice of painting pizza... Have you ever painted pizza?  Maybe you've never painted it... but I'll bet you've enjoyed a slice or two, right?

The electricians were here most of the day today... coming back tomorrow morning to finish up the wiring of the studio... I. Can. Not. Wait.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

#4 I'm a Little Tea Pot

I had sketched out a bunch of silly ideas in one of my sketchbooks... And because I was procrastinating with packing, I HAD to flip through a couple of them. (Sketchbooks are a great source of inspiration....they are my idea magnets.) hehehehe.

#3 Spruce

#3 Spruce  Watercolor and pencil
I'm packing the studio to move it downstate... I really have a lot of art books.... REALLY a lot.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

#2 Washington DC

#2 in my challenge... Love quilts... and doodles. Watercolor and ink on card-stock. Frivolous fun.

year long challenge begins today....

I've been in the midst of a studio move... Waiting on plumbers and electricians, and I have one more BIG load to pack and move. I decided I was whining about it entirely too much. I'd rather make that's what I'm doing. And to keep me motivated, I've decided to challenge myself to the following:
1. 6 works per week (not necessarily daily...6 in one day works too)
2. 5x7 size
3. any medium or subject
4. begin on Dec. 1, 2012 and continue for a year (minimum)
ta daa!


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