Thursday, March 21, 2013

Playing Catch-up

#76~ "B is For Ball"  5x7 Mixed Media

#77 "Chutes and Ladders" 5x7 Mixed Media

#78 "Parade Route" 7x5 Mixed Media

#79 "Pick Up Sticks" 5x7 Mixed Media

Got behind on my challenge...(6 paintings a week for a year) So having fun playing catch-up. :-)


Sarnia Sue said...

I like these new ones! that first one with the quiet spac on the left is my fav. On paper?

Lauren Everett Finn said... fav too. :-) yup watercolor paper.

sue schultz said...

I love love love all of these! What size? Framed? For sale? Where? Prices? They are soooo inspirational!!!

Lauren Everett Finn said...

Thanks Sue! they are all 5x7 or 7x5 :-) Tiny... and of couse they are for sale... not framed... (but you know I'd help you with that) $60. I appreciate you poppin in!!! Have you been painting?


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