Sunday, March 23, 2014

mini collage...with stitching

"No Plan At All"
Acrylic collage with stitching

"Sky At Night"
Acrylic Collage with stitching
I've been in the studio... almost exclusively. I occasionally emerge...blinking.

I've been making papers using the "Gelli Plate". It's a bouncy rubbery gelatin-like substance that allows you to make mono prints with-out a press. I'm addicted! Now I'm trying to use all these amazing  papers I've made. 


Patty Henderson said...

They look like a lot of fun! Now I know what to get next time I order art supplies!

Lauren Everett Finn said...

Thanks Patty!
Yes... put that Gelli Plate on your order!

Yorky said...

Very innovative an fun Lauren.


Lauren Everett Finn said...

Thank you Doug... I appreciate you stopping in!


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