Thursday, March 12, 2015

hair-do ladies

"Red" 12x12 Acrylic and collage on panel
It's all about the hair.
I've been having the best time creating these portraits. Acrylic painted faces and collaged hair and brows using the paper I made with the Gelli Plate. Reproductions of them will soon be in a hair salon! Perfect, right?
Actually the series came about from a conversation with a friend of mine that owns a salon... he was looking for artwork after a re-model and had seen this older painting-
"Is My Hair too Blue?" acrylic and collage on paper (sold)

We decided that a series of "hair-do ladies" would be fun salon art... Can't wait to see it placed!


Yorky said...

A fun theme Lauren :)

Lauren Everett Finn said...

You know me Doug....always hunting for fun! :). Thanks.

Randy Carboni said...

These are so much fun. Great job. I look forward to seeing more.

Lauren Everett Finn said...

Thanks Randy... Appreciate it!


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