Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kimberly Kelly Santini my first Arte y Pico winner!

"Ivan"... 8 x 8... inches watercolor (this is my youngest son...hehehe)
My first "Arte Y Pico" award winning blog choice is.....
(Drum roll)
Kimberly Kelly Santini! (wild screaming...............crowd noise dies down.......reluctantly)
Kim Santini is a very talented painter that I've actually met! :) She lives just a few miles from me, but I was introduced to her "cyberly" through the Robert Genn newsletter. She's just as charming in person as her blog reads...I love the fact that with many of her "dog-a-day" paintings, a portion of the money from the sold paintings, goes to very deserving animal help centers....and not always the same one, Kim spreads the wealth. Anyway, because of Kim's fun writing style, and terrific paintings....I am choosing her as my first award winner. Yay Kim!


Sheona Hamilton Grant said...

Lauren this is a well chosen winner. I agree with everything you have said. Great to see that Kim's zest for life is as contagious as I thought. ( Nice blog btw, I've poped over from Kim's blog...I'll be back :-) Sheona

Lauren said...

Well "Hi" Sheona! Yes...I think it's a great first pick too. :) I love popping into Kim's blog to see what she's been up to.... Thanks for stopping by!


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