Monday, July 28, 2008

Watercolor on Gesso

"Naperville" 10 x 7.5 inches...watercolor on gessoed paper

This is the beautiful view out of my brother-in-laws home in Naperville, Ill. Gorgeous home...gorgeous little town. Just wanted to do a small warm up painting before I head back into the aerial view series....
I prepared some sheets of this paper quite a while ago....I brushed the gesso onto the paper with a stiff house painting brush, that created a vertical pattern of brush strokes. It's fun to paint on...and easy to wipe back the watercolor to lighten areas...This is a good thing to do with the watercolor paintings that just don't quite cut the mustard....who doesn't love to be able to call "DO OVER!" :)

Below is another painting done on the same paper....This cute cherub sits in the gardens at Cranbrook, in Bloomfield Hills Michigan....A great place to visit...and a greater place to spend the day painting! :)

"Garden Watcher" 8 x 8 watercolor on gessoed paper
private collection


Sarnia Sue said...

Really like this one - great modeling on the face!

Anonymous said...

I like the cool, watery images you've created. The brush strokes seem to enhance the rhythm of paintings. Both are wonderful.

Lauren said...

Sue...thanks...You haven't been to Cranbrook have you? We'll have to go there on one of your visits...It's a beautiful place.

Peggy...thanks so much! I like working on the gessoed (sp?) :) paper...The hard part is getting the darks dark enough with watercolor...I think next time, I will do the light and mid values in watercolor and put in the darks with fluid acrylic.


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