Friday, December 19, 2008

Doing It.

"Starry Sky" watercolor and casein ~ 8 x 8 (sold)

Today, I stumbled upon this wonderful paragraph, so I'm sharing.

"We can’t get good at something solely by reading about it. And we’ll never make giant leaps in any endeavor by treating it like a snack food that we munch on whenever we’re getting bored. You get good at something by doing it repeatedly. And by listening to specific criticism from people who are already good at what you do. And by a dedication to getting better, even when it’s inconvenient and may not involve a handy bulleted list." Merlin Mann

Any strides I've made recently have come from lots of studio time... For me, there's just no other way than lots of brush mileage.

We got so much snow today it's unreal.


Debra said...

I really like Starry Sky; I like the blue/purple colors, the multitude of stars, (is that a full moon peeking out from the clouds?) and the way the tree branches are reaching up, almost embracing the sky!

Good quote also...maybe that's why reading all of these diet books isn't helping...?

Lauren said...

Debra! shame on you for mentioning the word "diet" during the end of December!!! :) Thanks for your kind comments about the's an oldie...but I sure remember how much fun I had painting it.

Debra said...

Oops sorry!!

Don't worry, I personally am not dieting until after Jan 1st...I was only speaking theoretically..! :) (I've already gained 8 pounds I need to lose, and I'm working on 10...and I think I may make it by the end of Dec.)

Just curious, how much "unreal" snow has fallen? I live in southern Ohio, and we often vacation in northern Michigan for a week in the summer, it is beautiful, one of our favorite places! Not sure if we are tough enough for the winters though...

Lauren said...

We got about a foot...blowing and drifting to 3 feet in places. Northern Michigan is my favorite too...My mom lives near Traverse City... So I get up there quite a bit.


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