Monday, March 16, 2009

Details, Details, Details....

"Distractions and Diversions 2"
12 x 12"
Acrylic on canvas

Getting advice and critique from my painter friends is one of my favorite things about many of the online art forums. Adding the small touches of magenta to this one was the result of some discussion with my fellow artists. These tiny details sometimes make all the difference.

I think it's improved and more hopeful... What do you think?

That's what I LOVE about acrylic. The changes are simple... If you get an idea, just try it! You can easily wipe the color off if it doesn't work out like you thought it might.
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Peggy Stermer-Cox said...

Cool! The little spots of magenta make this piece sparkle!

Lauren said...

Thanks Peggy!
Our friends at CWF helped me out here... I love this line drawing, but was a bit blocked with the colors. A new feeling for me. I think it's the case of learning just a bit more about something, then the self talk that comes with the new knowledge. LOL.. I think you know what I'm talking about. You just can't get it all in one painting! LOL I was talking in circles to myself! :)


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