Friday, March 13, 2009

Distracted and Diverted once more...

"Distractions and Diversions 2"
12 x 12"
acrylic on canvas

This one feels finished I signed it.

It's supposed to be a gorgeous weekend here in Michigan, sunny and in the 50's. I'll probably work a bit in the yard which is not so gorgeous... yet. We got snow so early last fall that the final yard clean up never got done, so we are looking pretty shaggy and tired out there!

I'm listening to the audio book "eat pray love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. Really enjoying it, especially since she is doing the reading herself. I always love it when the authors read their own books.


Peggy Stermer-Cox said...

Cool Lauren! You had a great start and brought it to a wonderful conclusion. I like the additions of the muted towns, texture and small darks!

Lauren said...

Thanks Peggy...I have to laugh.. I added a glaze of white to the large area... wanted it to feel a bit more hopeful. It worked. :) So I just re-posted the image.


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