Friday, May 8, 2009

"Along the Polly Ann Trail"
7x11 watercolor (sold)

I dug out an older piece today. This watercolor was done of a scene I walk by most mornings when I'm home. I am lucky to have some hearty walking buddies that I meet up with at 8 am. We walk, laugh, cry and solve all the worlds problems on our 3 mile hike. We go in the rain (I pretend I'm living in Scotland) snow, fog, ice...we trudge on. :) It is the best mental and physical health appointment I go to....Thanks girls!

I got home from Traverse City (my mom's very ill) last night, my sister is with her until Saturday. The reception for my show "Taking the High Road" at Flint St. Gallery is tonight. I'm so looking forward to it! I haven't seen the paintings hung yet... I imagine it will be a very nice feeling. Hope to see you there!


Peggy Stermer-Cox said...

Hi Lauren, Morning walks or runs are essential! Glad to know you have a group. I'm hoping you're planning to take photos of the opening to post here! Oh, and I really liked that last one you did with gold gesso!

Patrice Erickson said...

See you tonight, Lauren!

Debra said...

Lauren, I really like your watercolor, landscapes are one of my favorites. Hope you have a fantastic reception for your show!! I live too far away to come, pls take a couple of pics to post, if possible. :)

Judy McClendon said...

Hi Lauren, We loved the art show at Flint St. Gallery. The paintings were bright and beautiful and inspiring. Thanks!~Judy and Paul

Lauren said...

Peggy...Yes...I completely agree. If for some reason I can't walk..I'm out of sorts for the whole day. That gold one sold at the show. :)

Patrice...Thanks so much for coming to the reception.. It's always so nice to see friendly faces. Wish we could have chatted...Hopefully I can make it to the next critique meeting.

Debra... thanks... Of course, I totally forgot about taking pictures...My husband and I got there about 15 minutes early.. but one of the groups of people thought it started at 6 so I didn't have a chance to even get out my camera until 8:45! LOL... I'll post a couple of photos as soon as I can..I'm back up in Traverse City visiting my mom.

Judy and Paul... Thanks so much for coming...And bringing friends! It was so nice to see you there.


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