Monday, August 24, 2009

How exciting!

"Distractions and Diversions 2"
12 x 12
Acrylic on canvas (sold)

I was really thrilled to find out that this painting won the "Peoples Choice" award at the Artcenter Traverse City's juried show last month! How about that! I was REALLY tickled because I know nobody in the area...strangers voted me in! (Other than you, Judy)

The really strange thing is that no one from the ArtCenter let me know that I'd won...LOL (My husband just happened to read it on their website.) We all need these little boosts.... so I'm sure glad he happened to see it.

Last week was chemo week with my mom... So I wasn't able to paint. Hopefully tomorrow...
It's really hard on us artists when we can't eek out our painting time.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations and VERY COOL! People's Choice is great! Wow! They voted on an abstract...soooo inspiring! It is good though, so that's not a surprise. Most deserving!

I've been thinking about your series. Has it taken you in some unexpected directions?

Lauren said...

Hi Peggy... Yes...I was stunned to win..and even more stunned that an abstract won.
As far as unexpected directions with the series... I guess so. Though I guess I never stopped to think where I was going in the first place... I just had something to paint about. :)

sue said...

oh excellent news!! congratulations

Lauren said...

Thanks Sue...this is my sister Sue, right? :)


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