Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What gets me started....

"Circumventing Obstacles" (work in progress)
15 x 15
mixed media on watercolor paper

So where do you start when you are going to make a painting?
Well for me, it sort of goes like this....

I start usually with an idea. And then I keep the idea in my head as I sketch and doodle either right on the paper with pastel pencil or in my sketch book. I try to remember to write the idea or title on the back of the painting. I'm working on so many paintings at a time that I might forget what my intent was if it takes me a while to get back to it.

"Circumventing Obstacles" has started pretty much that way... With one slight difference... On my walk yesterday morning, I found this gorgeous lichen (see photo below) growing on a branch that fell into the driveway. I just loved the colors of it and decided that those colors would suit my intent for this painting... So my palette was chosen by nature.... so far.

I try to never box myself in with these early impulsive decisions.... If the painting works within this palette, great! But if I decide to go in a different color direction, that's ok too....The main thing is to just start somewhere! Put that brush to paper and GO!


Patty said...

So interesting to hear how you get have such a creative mind!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren,

Interesting start! This is fun seeing how you develop your work. I look forward to seeing how this progresses.

Lauren said...

Hey there Patty....thanks!

Peggy...I'll be interested too see where this ends up too! LOL Always an adventure, eh?


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