Thursday, September 3, 2009

Distractions and Diversions... and some juried show advice

"Distractions and Diversions"
12 x 12
acrylic on canvas (framed)

Was delighted to hear that "Distractions and Diversions" received a prize in the Crystal Lake Art Center's All Media Show! The reception is the 11th, and I'll be there with bells on. :)

I submitted 2 paintings... the second one ("It's Complicated") got "declined"... which was a lot easier to shrug off since I won a prize with the other one... LOL
I'm usually quite philosophical about entering shows and try to remember the following~

I consider it a success if I:
  • fill out the form correctly
  • have color corrected, great photographs of the painting
  • select the best 2-3 available paintings that look good together
  • get all the labels in the right places
  • get the jpg's the correct size
  • get the jpg's labeled correctly
  • have everything in or postmarked by the deadline
  • just having the "ca-hones" to enter a juried show at all!
After that... It's out of my hands.... so fogetahboutit!

Having been a juror before, I know what a difficult job it is. Jurors are most often artists themselves.... They know how each person will feel when they get their results. It ain't easy to curate a show. Remember, the juror will be judged by every person that entered! They are either brilliant or a horses patoot, depending on how they filled out your jury results form!

So....My sage advice....

Try not to get too amped if you get in, let alone receive a prize...
so then on the flip side...

When the inevitable "declined" letters come... you can be Scarlett O'Hara~
"After all.... tomorrow is another day!"


susan said...

really nice piece. your work is great! i would add one more thing to that list - to check out the juror before you enter the show. there may be some jurors whose opinion you would value more than others!

Kate at Serendipity said...

I like this a lot. This series is really developing well. Keep going!

Lauren said...

Hey Susan! Thanks... and good addition to he list. Love the painting at the top of your blog!

Hi Kate... I'm re-vamping my website and I am finding that I'm quite prolific! There are more than 40 paintings in this series so far... "And miles to go before I sleep...."

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren, Stupendous! And congratulations! Like the title too!

Excellent posting about juried shows! I think you hit it right -- put the emphasis on the courage to enter and follow the directions!

Lauren said...

Hey Peggy... thanks!
I really DO try to forget about the rejections... one of the many challenges of being an artist!


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