Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Idea of Trees....

"The Idea of Trees"
6 x 6
Acrylic on Acrylic paper
$50 (unframed)

Finished a few of these small ones today... A few days of thought and rest does wonders for finishing up unresolved paintings. It sometimes surprises me though...the paintings that I thought had such promise, end up to be not so great... And the ones that I am not that excited about end up being better than I'd imagined....

I'm thinking that it might be because of expectations.

Paintings that I judge to have 'promise'... I unconsciously tighten up on.... And the paintings that are boring to begin with... with some bold maneuvers... can become the paintings I like best. Hmmmmmm

Had a lot more fun painting today.... Had the reds, yellows and violets going.
Think Valentines. :) I love making valentines.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren,
Valentines! Festive, hearts! Fun thoughts!

The green trees are a nice precursor to valentines! Coolness.

Lauren said...

Thanks Peggy! It just feels so darn good to be back to the studio!

Anonymous said...

If I did something like this it would look amateur--some peeps got all the luck!!

I'm enjoying your blog, Lauren, there is much work that I had not seen before.

Debra said...

Love your trees! they seem to be dancing!

Lauren said...

Fookie... I'm quite prolific... and these are the paintings that I'd show.. i have plenty that will never see the light of day. Thanks

Debra... I'm still learning this "when to stop" skill...I want to err on the stop sooner side, rather than the stopped too late side. :) Thanks


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